Materials, Processes and Drawing Bootcamp

Explore design with materials, making and drawing

Program overview

A practice-led short course for foundation students or school leavers to express themselves creatively, and produce a piece of work that has purpose–either for themselves or someone else using materials, processes, techniques and drawing.

What will I learn?

You will receive ‘the brief’ in your first learning unit and develop your design skills through making and doing various assignments with materials that are readily available locally. There are a few other basic materials you will also need to gather for this project; a small sketchbook, a few drawing pens and pencils, some scissors, and glue.

At the end of each unit you will be asked to reflect on your learning in your sketchbook, either with drawings or writing, or mixed media journaling. This process of learning is aligned to a first year design module at university and the professional practice of design–using ‘the crit’ to discuss work in progress.

How will I learn?

There are lectures, discussions with your tutors and classmates to get their perspectives, and practise-based design activities to develop your design skills and help you understand the learning outcomes. You access everything through an easy to use online platform: course content, media rich learning resources.

Program cirriculum

Define your professional identity as a designer. You will learn the basic principles of what design is, and what is does by working through an exciting project. You will gain an understanding of how to use the basic materials, processes and techniques–as well as drawing in your sketchbook–to produce a final outcome that’s will nurture your creativity, and passion for design.

Tier 1 Insight and development

Research, recording and responding. You will receive ‘the brief’ in your first lesson and research the purpose of your project and start to develop your drawing and making skills.


Tier 1 Experience and imagination

Apply drawing and making techniques with investigating the materials, and materials experimentation, using technical explorations in answer to the brief.


Tier 1 Prototyping and modelling

Materials development and further experimentation to find new possibilities for your prototype by understanding aesthetics and functions. First prototype of final design.

Tier 2 Innovation and entrepreneurship

Preparation for progression in art and design by presenting critical reflection of your work in sketch and annotation form. Refinements of your prototype towards your final design.

Tier 3 Capstone project

This final unit is the summation of your learning journey which will enable you to synthesize the learning, skills and knowledge of your experience. You are required to submit photos of the final outcome using the materials, and a presentation of your sketches with annotations to receive your e-certificate of course completion.

For Students

You do not necessarily need to have any prior knowledge of what design is, or what design does. The final outcome of your course can be used as an example of portfolio for you to start your creative journey–with the fundamental principles of design skills and methods in place.

For teachers and educators

This short course has been extensively developed with higher education teaching experts and industry partners. It is equivalent to a UK level 4 diploma learning unit. Materials, Processes and Drawing is licensed as Open Course Ware (OCW) under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0.

The entire cirriculum is available for you to remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose here:

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