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Industry Academies

Businesses that invest in blended learning will yield a higher return to stakeholders.

Different people learn different things in different ways. Massive Open Online Courses are not the answer. In response, blended learning academies combine the best of online and in-person learning experience.

Cost/benefit advantages of blended learning academies:

  • Qualified teachers and instructors.
  • Personalisation and feedback.
  • Increased learning engagement.
  • Encourages collaborative learning.
  • Analytics, reports and performance. Evaluation.
  • Applied to daily work.

"My designers, after completing this 17 week course, are now stronger in design, more assertive and more business oriented. This was definitely worth the investment.

Jeremie Tisseau | Founder and CEO Morphosis

The process of learning, creating, and exploring with DSA came with the mindset of ‘learning by doing’. I was amazed with how I was able to overcome tasks I would otherwise have been afraid to do and to witness my personal growth. I’m truly glad to be a part of DSA for providing knowledge and a great opportunity to develop my career.”

Pavisa Sethabutra. Product Designer, OOZOU

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We firmly believe ‘making and doing’ continue to be the signature practice of experiential learning.