We help digital product industries increase capacity through design expertise and leadership development.

A learning and development framework to scale South-East Asia’s S-curve industries

42% of companies who use blended learning to support their digital product teams acelerate mid-career talent generate more income.

This is best achieved using experiential learning methods through ‘design and learn’, such as group design sprints and challenge activities that reflect professional practice. 

We can help increase capacity across the following industries:

  • Smart Devices
  • Future Automotive
  • Health Tourism
  • Agriculture and Bio-technology
  • Food Processing
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Aviation and Logistics
  • Bio-fuels and Bio-chemicals
  • Integrated Medical Services
  • Digital IoT

Employability is a real challenge. Core skills, training and soft power competencies need support to accelerate tomorrow’s leaders.

Industry Academies

In response to the S-curve industries current situation and complication, learning and development needs a revolution.

As providers, we are here to help your talent in providing opportunities to learn and develop new competencies; energised with new challenges and skills. This can transform career planning, coaching services and build an employer brand.

"My designers, after completing this 17 week course, are now stronger in design, more assertive and more business oriented. This was definitely worth the investment.

Jeremie Tisseau | Founder and CEO Morphosis

The knowledge during classes clarified and increased my learning curve as a junior UX researcher through solid and tangible case studies and sharing sessions with other classmates.

Viroonwart Viroonpoj. User Experience Researcher, AIA Thailand

The process of learning, creating, and exploring with DSA came with the mindset of ‘learning by doing’. I was amazed with how I was able to overcome tasks I would otherwise have been afraid to do and to witness my personal growth. I’m truly glad to be a part of DSA for providing knowledge and a great opportunity to develop my career.”

Pavisa Sethabutra. Product Designer, OOZOU

Industry partners

Learning and development is now key to mid-career success

The learning sessions focus on people, technology and organisation through the lens of people-centered design.

We believe this is the best way to prepare talent for the complexities of S-curve industry customer demand and the broader alignment to social, cultural and economic challenge.