DSA Academies

A complete interdisciplinary program of design expertise and business leadership.

Embedded learning and mentorship for Asia-Pacific’s top innovation companies.

How it works

DSA Academies are fully customisable programs of leaning. They are developed for organisations looking to upskill their creative teams. Each Academy learning session is asynchronous–learners can pick which units they want to study in which order and when they want to study. As a practice-based modular system this affords the flexible learning required for working professionals.

Academy learning sessions are intended for cross-team collaboration too. Core learners are early professionals working in design research, information architecture, user interface branding, marketing and project management. We have intentionally set the engagement bar high. Equivalent to a practice based Master’s program as we believe this is appropriate to those in industry who want to fast track their career.

We deliver the learning using industry standard software as a service. We have our own instance of Moodle’s Learning Management System running on AWS and an educational licence from Figma. We use Padlet’s virtual bulletin boards for ‘show and tell’ crits.

Why it works

We appreciate the pain points of the user experience industry in emerging markets. Organisations invest a huge amount of time and effort training a junior up to senior level. This is where we add value. By accelerating the talent. This is achieved by embedding design expertise and design leadership through criticality and process.

We recognise that creative, marketing and development teams need to approach work from a business perspective and develop their sense of imagination and criticality at the same time. Ultimately life-long learning should be embedded at work to develop creative talent and scale the business organically. Education is transformative and we believe in work-integrated learning regardless of post qualification experience.

Scalable customisation for interdisciplinary teams

DSA Academy

The quickest and easiest way to deliver world class design learning to your teams.


  • Face to face learning supervision with DSA teaching staff.
  • Asynchronous delivery: learners can pick which units they want to study, in which order, when they want without any time constraints.
  • Learners can re-take assessments as many times as they need.
  • Industry recognised certificate of completion.

Academy Pro plan

Experienced design educators and facilitators partnering with your organisation.

All the benefits of the DSA Academy, plus:

  • Learning session customisation that’s constructlively aligned to the goals of the organisation.
  • DSA Founder will externally evaluate students and offer perfomance feedback to management.

*plus implementation fee.

Academy Campus plan

Co-branded and co-created design expertise and design leadership embedded in your organisation.

All the customisation of the Academy Pro plan, plus:

  • Co-branded with your organisation and DSA.
  • Your organisation can define additional learning units to the DSA programs.
  • DSA world class learning and development consulting embedded in your organisation.

**as pro plan plus consultancy fees.