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Employers are currently facing unprecedented challenges for capacity building.

We understand the pain points in the market right now

The situation has dramatically shifted over the last two years with covid and work from home. Higher education has let industry down to a point as there is little or no employability comprehension taught at Universities, even at Masters level.

To bridge this gap there is a need to maximising learning impact aligned to work focussing on the development of talent that supports other key business functions holistically.

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‘Learn and Design’ is the core of  learning and development’s future.

KPI dimensions

The evaluation metric of learner performance feeds into to the suggestion of training as co-ownership between business units and HR. Identifying the right KPIs for learning and development programs is vital to create training that supports the organisation’s core strategy. 

We use four dimensions as assessment of learning outcomes that fold in to the KPI of each participant and overall organisational health. This evaluates the impact of learning and development on the business. 

Employability dimensions

Employability has nine dimensions covering core skills, training and soft power that are expected to evolve. As such, embedding customisable learning to support these dimensions can save executives time in accelerating key talent to the next level.

This should be viewed as a program of co-ownership between business units and HR.

Learn and Design plans

Graham Newman | FounderBio

Meet the DSA founder | Graham Newman

Graham has extensive expertise in design education and practice in Asia Pacific for over 20 years having taught at leading universities in Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta. Graham’s design education philosophy is forged by his Masters of Research experience at the Royal College of Art, and his own design practice during which he has won several international design awards including development of the world’s first interactive music CD-Rom.

Graham holds a PGCert in Higher Education (PGCHE) where his aptitude in blended co-op learning environments was grounded, and is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). Read More →