Accessible education commitment

Education is the future fuel of any economy–education that is accessible to everyone regardless of gender, faith, age, social status, or accessibility. For this reason DSA believes all of us in higher education should be responsible to challenge the embedded attitudes and other forms of discrimination rather than deliberate over character deficits of the individual.

Widening participation in design education in the last 10 years has rightly led to a more diverse student population. This is long overdue and more needs to be done. The need to ensure that strategies for supporting student learning that are inclusive for a diverse group of learners has become an important ongoing issue which DSA recognises and takes account of in our programs, because education should be without boundaries. We wholeheartedly support a more inclusive and diverse cohort of designers who can make change in South-East Asia and have a positive impact on society, culture and economy.

Non-traditional students welcome

In addition to recent graduates from universities looking to develop their careers with DSA we welcome learners from non-traditional educational backgrounds–particularly students who feel they have not had their potential fulfilled, either due to financial restriction or family obligation including students with dependents and adult learners. We also welcome working professional applicants who are considering upskilling or reskilling: such as needing skills to keep up with job expectations; seeking promotion; facing replacement; returning to the workforce; preparing for a switch; and looking for a career with meaning.