Co-op education in industry

All DSA programs offer co-op industry placements at leading companies. Co-operative education (co-op) is an approach to education that goes beyond skills and training where students undertake industry placements offering an opportunity to apply the theory and learning from the classroom to the professional practice of design in the studio.

How it works

A 17 week program involves students undertaking 12 weeks of study during which arrangements will be made for a five-week placement, with the last two weeks of the program allocated to the independent research project submission.

Co-op frequently asked questions

What is a co-op placement?

A five-week period of the program where you go to work in a leading company to apply the knowledge and skills of what you’ve learnt to the workplace.

What is the difference between a placement and an internship?

Typically a placement is more rigorous than an internship. You will be expected to work as part of a team of working professionals without hands on mentoring.

Do I have to do a co-op placement?

Yes. All DSA students must undertake a co-op placement to graduate from their program.

Do I have to find the co-op company myself?

No. DSA partners with leading companies who have agreed to participate in the co-op program.

Is my co-op performance evaluated as part of my overall assessment?

Yes. You and the co-op will undertake a peer to peer evaluation that forms part of your overall assessment.

What happens if I am currently employed, can I still join the program?

Yes. If you are a working professional and want to build new skills for your next step, the co-op placement is the same.

Do I get paid on the placement?

Yes. Compensation for your work will be arranged between the co-op and you.

Do I pay tuition fees during the co-op?

No. Tuition fees are only for the weeks you study.

Am I still required to study every week when on co-op?

No. You are effectively a full-time employee of the co-op and do not have any additional study hours apart from the peer to peer evaluation.

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