Adaptive leadership in design thinking for innovation.

Advancing industry in South-East Asia to create cultural, social and economic value.

DSA offers in-house consulting for organisations looking at big challenges. Process and critical engagement with experimentation and imagination a counterpoints are at the heart of this. We offer expertise in design thinking, service design and design for social innovation. Filtering commitments and priorities, taking risks and experimenting with new ways forward core to all innovation–which occurs only when invention and commercialisation merge. We frame our consulting around three core tenet’s:

  • People (service users and providers affected by design);
  • Technology (the enabler); and
  • Organisation (the framework to get it out in the world)

This is delivered through a blend of established enterprise-level design process and Adaptive Leadership, which has four dimensions commonly referred to as the 4As: Anticipation of likely future needs, trends and options; Articulation of these needs to build collective understanding and support for action; Adaptation so that there is continuous learning and the adjustment of responses as necessary; and Accountability, including maximum transparency in decision making processes and openness to challenges and feedback.

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Graham Newman | FounderBio

Meet the DSA founder | Graham Newman

Graham has extensive expertise in design education and practice in Asia Pacific for over 20 years having taught at leading universities in Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta. Graham’s design education philosophy is forged by his Masters of Research experience at the Royal College of Art, and his own design practice during which he has won several international design awards including development of the world’s first interactive music CD-Rom.

Graham holds a PGCert in Higher Education (PGCHE) where his aptitude in blended co-op learning environments was grounded, and is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). Read More →