DSA Guerrilla Thinking Through Making

Design intervention, disruption and innovation for industry.

Exploring new-normal challenges through thinking and making

DSA Guerilla Thinking Through Making’s (GTTM) objectives are biased towards action. Participants extend contact by getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and develop a process of continuous improvement by probing for future projects.

This commercial track of GTTM aims to deliver enterprise innovation in response to customer demand. And identifying market gaps and choke points such as creating close-loop systems.

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Adapted from: RCA/KIDP (2012)

Graham Newman | FounderBio

Meet the DSA founder | Graham Newman

Graham Newman is the Founder of Design School Asia. He has extensive expertise in innovation design practice and education across Asia Pacific for over 20 years. He has taught at leading universities in Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta–and has worked across SME and enterprise industries in the design, research and manufacturing sectors. Graham’s innovation practice is forged by his Masters of Research experience at the Royal College of Art, and his commercial experience during in which he has won several international design awards. Read More →