User Experience Design international track

Purpose driven learning at work.

World-class flexible learning in design expertise and leadership.

Program summary

DSA’s User Experience Design program reflects the global future of design education combining the best ways of teaching using online and face to face learning experiences. The course is 12 weeks with 12–14 hours of study per week delivered on my.designschoolasia.com learning platform and weekly group tutorial meet ups on Google Meet. 

What you will learn

Define your professional identity as a user experience designer. Our primary function is to deliver the highest quality design education to you through structured units of learning to support your professional development as one of Asia Pacific’s most talented emerging user experience designers.

Our program is aimed at creative people who want to accelerate their career in people-centered design, digital environments and interactive experiences by engaging users through remarkable design solutions at scale, and foster their entrepreneurship either in corporate, SME or startup businesses.

How you will learn

You will receive instruction through screencast lectures, podcasts and challenge activities to support your practice equipping you with the intellectual engagement, technical skills and professional development for a career in user experience–working on social, cultural and economic ‘live’ project briefs through an imaginative approach to interdisciplinary design that makes things better for society.

You will establish a strong interdisciplinary collaboration and ‘designerly ways of knowing’ about value creation using entrepreneurship and innovation business methods developing your visual, verbal and written rhetoric to communicate your project to a non-design, non-technology audience.

The process of learning, creating, and exploring with DSA came with the mindset of ‘learning by doing’, which I carried on to my Individual Research Project (IRP). Towards the end of the course, I was amazed with how I was able to overcome tasks I would otherwise have been afraid to do and to witness my personal growth. I’m truly glad to be a part of DSA for providing knowledge and a great opportunity.


Pavisa Sethabutra. Product Designer, OOZOU

Part-time (12 weeks)

August 2022

Tuition fees

Entrance requirements
Visit our how to apply page to make sure you meet the cross-school entry requirements. You can apply for the program via the apply now form.

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Download DSA User Experience Design 2022/23 program summary ↓

Download DSA User Experience Design 2022/23 program specification ↓

Graduate showcase
Presenting our students independent research projects in response to the social, cultural and economic challenges of the new normal era: https://dsashows.com

Tier 1 | design expertise

Insight Development
  • People-Centered Design Principles
  • Behavioural Journey Mapping
Experience and Imagination
  • Design Principles I: What Design Can Do, What Design Should Do
  • Design Principles II: Experimentation, Speculation and Disruption
Prototyping and Modelling
  • Prototyping and Modelling Principles
  • Visualising Reflective and Reflexive
Specialisation Modules
  • Research Methods and Ethics
  • Design Sprints
  • Scaling Projects
  • User Flow and Wireframe Ideation
  • Prototyping Iteration
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity Affordance
  • Interim Examination and IRP Proposal

Tier 2 | design leadership

ux ui
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • User Experience Design for
  • People-Centered Design for Social
Value Creation
  • Strategy: People, Technology and Organisation
  • Marketing Essentials
Leadership and Negotiation
  • Communication Rhetoric for
    Non-Design Audiences
  • Pitching for Funding
Specialisation Modules
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Holistic Business Modelling
  • Value Proposition and Context
  • Lean Canvas Methodology
  • Evaluation Metrics
  • Onboarding for Co-op Placement
  • Final Examination

Graham Newman | FounderBio

Meet the DSA founder | Graham Newman

Graham Newman is the Founder of Design School Asia. He has extensive expertise in innovation design practice and education across Asia Pacific for over 20 years. He has taught at leading universities in Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta–and has worked across SME and enterprise industries in the design, research and manufacturing sectors. Graham’s innovation practice is forged by his Masters of Research experience at the Royal College of Art, and his commercial experience during in which he has won several international design awards. Read More →