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The DSA experience–everything you need to know as a new or prospective student.

An award from DSA is the innovative way to get a qualification in design and increased employability through co-op education. We are an online ‘connected campus’ that offers a personalised experience for our students who graduate with an award equal in title and quality as given to by any traditional education institute that produces multi-professional talented graduates with a high employability rate.

You access everything through an easy to use online learning platform: https://my.designschoolasia.com. We have developed a unique instance of Moodle, the world’s best learning management system–used by The Open University amongst many other leading higher education institutes–to deliver the best comprehensive blend of learning acquisition, inquiry, practice, production, discussion and collaboration with you peers that includes weekly conversations with your Program Director.

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We're here to help with your application. Please write to us: admissions@designschoolasia.com

How to apply

Applications are currently open for 2021/22

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for 2022

Regional education and industry expertise

DSA programmes are developed for Asia Pacific’s creative industries backed by UK higher education professional standards.

Learning by making and doing

Education that nurtures criticality and experimentation, founded on design’s roots in craft and making to go beyond what is probable, to what is possible.

People-centered design research

Find out about design’s research methods of intent that provide discovery and insight towards a validated solution.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Nurturing tomorrow’s industry leaders who are passionate about creativity and technology that makes an impact.