Regional education and industry expertise

DSA bridges the university-industry gap by accelerating employability pathways beyond undergraduate level; to get designers, technologists, engineers and social scientists where they want to go in their careers. We have over 20 years’ experience in teaching and professional practice across Asia Pacific with on the ground specialist knowledge of the design ecosystems in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Industry co-op

All DSA programs are co-op with high-profile, industry sector leading businesses. Many have organically grown from start up to SME driven by entrepreneurs who have a similar mindset to DSA–to make social, cultural and economic change. The co-op model offers the student to apply comprehensive theory, knowledge and skills from the classroom to the workplace. DSA works closely with co-op’s as both share mutual obligations to foster life-long learning and employability. Every co-op is annually evaluated to ensure an enriching experience for the student on placement, and the co-op is satisfied with the quality of student placed as part of their team.

Excellence in higher education

DSA programs are developed for South-East Asia’s design industry backed by UK Higher Education standards. Assurance Governance about the student academic experience, student outcomes and award standards are overseen by the Advance HE Reviewing Academic Governance in Higher Education Framework. Advance HE is the UKs professional membership scheme promoting excellence in Higher Education. Our programs are externally audited by a SFHEA (Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy) from Advance HE annually. More information regarding Advance HE’s Academic Governance can be found here: https://bit.ly/2EWK6EH

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Teaching and Learning

DSA’s common basic framework unpacks the complexity of designing for people, technology and organisation, and structures the education journey as an interdisciplinary approach to learn and mature in a professional environment.